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We are a group of specialized business developers exclusively for IT companies in past, we have worked for National and international IT firms implemented, and managed their sales department. As sales consultants, we also work with web agencies, companies, startups, and individuals to create a blueprint for the sales strategy.


X40 specialises in building lead pipelines that generate significant ROI.

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We know the importance of email marketing and why businesses use it but what are the first steps to implementing a successful marketing campaign?

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BuiltContact List

The way people communicate through email has changed, ultimately giving entrepreneurs and small business owners a new market to grow and expand their businesses

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Highly-TargetedEmail Outreach

Email marketing is a creative technique businesses have long used to reach people who could potentially be interested in their company. To some, the idea is outdated and social media is considered king for appealing to customers and clients

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Our goal is to set a new standard for what effective marketing means. We define great KPIs as leads, not likes. And great results based on the number of meetings held

We Guarantee Meetings with your Ideal Clients. Let’s talk.

Our ClientsEnjoy:

Consistent Flow of Leads

  • Get ready to scale your business. X40 provides better leads and a substantial increase in the number of leads.

Increased Brand Awareness

  • Become the main provider your ideal clients think of when they’re ready to buy your specific solution. We’ll make sure you’ll always be on their radar.

More Traffic and Conversions

  • As a beneficial side-effect of our efforts, clients also see increased website visits and higher conversion rates from visitor to query.

Extra Time To Focus On Delivery

  • Less hassle on marketing. Your dedicated marketing manager will ensure everything gets done and you get updated.


Michael Weihl

Gulfstream Mergers

  • We are an international M&A firm, and we use several different business development channels to engage new clients. After a few months working with X40, we were so pleased with the customized servicing, responsiveness to our needs, and results that we decided to expand their services. None of our other outsourced channels were getting us the frequency or the quality of appointment that we were getting from X40, it was like having our own in-house business development team. Highly recommended for your marketing needs..

Pablo Velásquez


  • We found X40marketing by pure coincidence while we were doing a linked in sales outbound process, long story short we are no longer using another company and X40marketing is in charge of helping us find new clients, and they have done it with great success. Thank you X40marketing for all the effort, and we look forward to keep growing together.

Paula Tellez


  • We are a small company trying to sell B2B services to US clients. After several attempts to establish an effective sales funnel, we met Asil and X40 Marketing. After five months of working together, we have found a sustainable way to meet highly relevant leads for our business, and we even have close a couple of deals. Highly Recommended Service!

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